We are so excited to announce that we’ve got a new section on our website!
MOOSE PARADISE page will feature MOOSE SUPPORTERS from all over the World!
It’s dedicated to people that help moose!

Here is a story of one amazing person from Siberia who saved a wildlife moose!
Meet Alex @Alex_Enstrom and his moose Jacob!

Alex the human & Jacob (Yasha in Russian) the Moose

In 2021 Alex rescued a moose baby calf from a poacher. The moose was really sick and it took a very long time to rehabilitate. Because of that, Alex could not release the moose to the wild as the moose was used to humans. Alex named the moose Jacob and decided to take care of him.

This Moose Hug video reached over 500K views on our Instagram.

Here are the links to follow Alex and Jacob on Instagram and TikTok

Currently, Alex is trying to build a good fence for Jacob. He really wants to create a support center where he could help animals. Right now all of the animals stay with him at his house.