Our Instagram account would be nothing without stories like these! Today I need your help🙏

Sometime in 2021 I received these 3 “Moose Stories”.

I have been thinking about them non stop…

Muffin The Moose and I decided we want to do something special for these 3 people!

Only one problem we did not save their contact information.

Please HELP us to find them 🙏
Or maybe it’s you reading this blog post! Please contact us, we would like to do something special for you!

“I am almost 28 years old (next month I’ll turn 28) and I am from New Jersey and I collect stuffed Moose! Before my dad passed away 7 years ago we went to Cabellas (me and my mom hate that store for obvious reasons) hehe. That store has a giant moose there. The first time I saw it I absolutely fell in love!!! Also, I have bad anxiety and I am also chronically ill. Moose help me with both of these things”

Our @Moosefoto Follower

“My little guy who is 6, who just happens to be nicknamed Moose, loves all your content. His actual name is Duke, but when he was born we immediately called him moose. In any case he is obsessed with all things moose and looks forward everyday to your new moose post. Thank you for all things moose!”

Our @Moosefoto follower – Doug

“My best friends’s nickname was Moose… He was affectionately called that by many… He passed away unexpectedly 21 years ago this Wednesday… I actually worked with him for 24 years including the day before he died…The reality is that he was way more than my best friend… He was my dad 😥 and I have several moose t-shirts… It’s also part of the reason I follow you 🙏😔”

Our @Moosefoto Followers

Story to be continued… Please come back to find out the rest of this blog post.

UPDATE: One of our MooseFoto followers received a small present from Muffin & Anna.
Look how cute is this photo that sent to us: